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18 August 2017
Summer holiday loan

Thinking about some fun in the sun? If you’re planning a summer holiday, now is the time to consider budgeting for it.

Join PKCU and save for 3 months, and you will be eligible for a loan of up to twice the value of your savings, to a maximum of £600. Interest rates are 2% per month, or 26.8% APR.

Julie’s story

Julie wants to take her daughter away to Spain for a week in July. The flights and accommodation will cost £550.

She joins PKCU in March and saves £20 a week. By June, she has saved £240. She is eligible for a loan of £580, which she pays off over the next 6 months. Julie is able to enjoy her holiday, knowing she can afford the repayments and still has savings to fall back on.

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